WANT: Jack In The Box Bacon Milkshake


I have no idea what this tastes like but I know what those two words mean so GIMME GIMME GIMME:

That’s right – Jack In The Box has introduced a Bacon Milkshake as party of their “If you like bacon so much, why don’t you marry it?” campaign, which is actually just a whimsical advertising slogan and not an actual suggestion, as a Justice of the Peace recently informed me.

I love that the ad even says “It’s for real,” like Jack In The Box kind of knows they’re cheating with this one. “The new Bacon Shake – we’re not sh*tting you, we really did this!”

Just gotta check the Jack In The Box ‘store locator’ to find the nearest location in New York City and the Bacon Shake SHALL BE MINE…

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Damn you West Coast, with your Jack In The Boxes and fancy weather and skateboards and big boom boxes that you blast early-90s hip hop from while roller skating around the boardwalk that runs up the entire coast. I’ll see you in a few hours once I check Orbitz…

(via Eater)

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