Twilight Director: Kristen Stewart And Michael Angarano A “Great Couple”


Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has talked plenty about the sexy vampiric romance between her stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, but have you ever wondered how she feels about bringing them together? Apparently the answer is: kind of on the fence. When talking to New York mag about Kristen’s split from previous boyfriend Michael Angarano, Hardwicke admitted, “He’s a wonderful actor. He was in Dogtown, one of my favorites, so I felt pretty bad because I love him and they were such a great couple.” Oh, Catherine. Well, we guess sometimes the truth hurts. For example, when Robsten fans storm your house with torches and jab you all over with pitchforks. All. Over.

Since we’re being candid, what was Catherine’s first impression of the Twilight script, one of five projects Summit Entertainment offered her in 2003 as her possible next movie? “Every one of those scripts sucked,” Catherine reveals. “Oh, Lord, did they suck.” Twilight, however, was still intriguing enough to catch her eye. “I thought the script was horrible, but then I looked it up on the Internet, and I thought, Okay, it’s based on a book and people tend to like it. There’s gotta be something there.'” Oh, oh, now give your secret opinion on Taylor Lautner next! Is his chest just too nice? Kind of, right?

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