Brad Pitt’s Hair-volution: Honoring Brad’s Award-Worthy Hair


Is there anything more perfect than Oscar nominee Brad Pitt? He’s got the perfect wife, perfect career, perfect kids, perfect smile, perfect muscular physique and … let’s stop there, because while we could go on all day, we’re pretty sure none of you need convincing. Even his fashion missteps are perfect, in their own special way! It’s true. We can’t entirely fault Brad for those long bleached blonde locks (it was the ’90s) or even the Kate Gosselin-styled ‘do (also ’90s!). And no one else could rock a scraggly, dreaded beard more grandly than Pitt. Also, most of his, shall we say, less-than-ideal stylings were for a role, or for saving New Orleans, or something. That’s why we are awarding Brad Pitt with TheFABlife’s prestigious Perfect Hair Award (we’ll be on standby if Brad wants to give us an acceptance speech.).

Oh, to be a follicle on that perfectly shaped scalp, or a faint bit of stubble along his perfectly chiseled jawline, but we digress. Check out Brad’s Hair-volution through the years and tell us which look is your fave!

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