Justin Bieber Helps Prank Your Skin Clear In New Proactiv Commerical


Justin Bieber’s new Proactiv commercial somehow manages to bring together all of the singer’s greatest loves: pranks, teen ladies and giggling. Oh, and having skin as smooth as his own baby-like bottom. Using a bullhorn and a series of wackadoo accents, Bieber chuckles his way through a faux Proactiv shoot starring some very confused but professional teen custumers. Those girls would have spun for days if their mysteriously hidden, questionably British director had asked them too!

Luckily, Bieber makes it up to his stunned prankees with, well, a visit from Justin Bieber. We get the feeling that being tricked by Bieber only makes Proactiv work better. Well…we assume he doesn’t make it work worse. We’re glad Justin’s monkeyshines were on the gentle side for this ad, because what girl wants to be humiliated while shooting a commercial for zit prevention? Absolutely none. Now where’s our adult acne spot, Biebs?!?

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