“Lana Del Rey’s Hunger Games” Is This Week’s Kristen Bell Sloth Video


I would have posted this sooner, but I was too busy watching this video 15 times. Sorry. But if “Lana Del Rey’s Hunger Games” doesn’t explode on the Internet in record time, then we might give up on humanity. Chicago Second City comedian Holly Laurent does a spot-on impression of Lana’s sultry crooning, as the video mimics the vintage home video montage style of “Video Games,” using weird old cartoons and TV footage mixed with Hunger Games trailer clips. But what puts this over the top, for me anyway, is the lyrics. I scared my co-workers laughing out loud at the first verse:

“Hunting in the meadow,
Gale’s just this guy that I know,
He’s got a girl’s name.
This district smells like rat piss.
My name is Katniss,
I play the Hunger Games.”

It’s funny, but also maintains the poignancy of the novel. You want to laugh: “I don’t want Peeta to be dead/ A pita is a pouch of bread/ But that’s his name.” And then you want to cry: “Watching all these tributes fall, teens should be at the mall/ I hope I never have to go back to play the Hunger Games.”

Check out President Snow, and the lyrics below.

Hunting in the meadow
Gale’s just this guy that I know
He’s got a girl’s name.

This district smells like rat piss
My name is Katniss
I play the Hunger Games.

I rock a bow and arrow
I hate the President Snow
He smells like a ro-ose.

They drew the name of my sis,
but don’t you f— with Katniss.
I’ll kill you fo sho.
Go play the Hunger Games.

You knew you knew when they first drew,
I’m tough and I am fine.
Panem is a place that’s fake but true.

I’ll tell you everything before we’re through.
I heard you haven’t finished book three, honey.
When you do, you’ll see that I’m a stronger girl than you.
With boys I just never had a clue;
Now I’m the girl on fire and I have, I have got two.
I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want Peeta to be dead.
A pita is a pouch of bread,
But that’s his name.
Kissing in our hidden shed
Rain dropping on our bed
F—ing Hunger Games.

Gale watches from the Seam.
Me and Peeta are a team.
Winning’s all I think of.
Watching all these tributes fall,
Teens should be at the mall.
I hope I never have to go back to play the Hunger Games.


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