Wanted: Lindsay’s Old Hair, Lips, Dignity


It may be beating a dead horse at this point, but what will it take for Lindsay Lohan to ditch the bleached hair, resist the (apparent) collagen, toss the cigs and put away her boobs? If homegirl wants to regain her long-lost rep as a serious actress, her latest photo shoot with Terry Richardson is not how to do it. In the classically Richardson B&W series, she spreads her legs, blows smoke, flashes nip and looks dead-eyed into the lens.

To make it clear, we’re on Team Lohan. We want her to clean up her act and defy the odds of growing up in a cray-cray family. However, she tests our fandom time and time again with her bad girl antics. Clean it up, LiLo. And please, for the love of Cady Heron, bring ginger back.

[Photos: Getty Images, Terry Richardson’s Diary]

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