5 Very Adorable Photos From The Giants’ Victory Parade


With all the anxiety, frustration, and sadness that accompanies the end of football season (that new Madonna song is STILL stuck in my head), let’s bid farewell to the 2011-12 NFL Year on a – ugghhh this is hard – positive note.

Swallowing our pride and our own football disappointments, let’s all bask in this list of 5 Very Adorable Photos From The Giants’ Victory Parade (Click Any For Full Size):


No relation to Sir Not Appearing In This Film.


Truly our generation’s Willow Smith.


Those kids are enjoying that fence more than we’ve enjoyed anything in 10 years (besides Breaking Bad)


Symbolic of drifting adolescence, or something.


Still nothing more adorable than very thinly-stretched pun signs, and there never will be.


One scary-ass fan too, just so we don’t wrap things up too positively.

Farewell, NFL Season! I can’t wait to resume spending my Sundays productively by re-reading my own old Tweets every week from 1-7:30 pm. Just kidding! I do it til like 3 am.

(Pics via Getty Images)

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