Channing Tatum Vs. Scott Speedman: Who Should Be This Week’s Hotness?


As we’re pretty sure you know by now, from the ubiquitous for The Vow, Channing Tatum plays a guy whose wife, Rachel McAdams, doesn’t remember him after an accident erases the last five years of her life. She does, however, remember her ex-fiance, played by Scott Speedman. That’s kind of a good metaphor. Five years ago, even though Felicity had been off the air for four years, we were still pining for Ben. Despite his anger-management issues and underachieving ways, all he had to do was grin and say “Hey,” and we were weak in the knees. In 2006, Channing came on the scene, playing a tough guy from the wrong side of the tracks who dreams of being a dancer in Step Up. Is there a more perfect recipe for a heartthrob?

For this week’s Hotness poll, it will be hard to choose between Channing — whose massive shoulders and blindingly beautiful abs have been gracing the screen quite regularly since his big break — and Scott, who was totally ahead of the whole vampire trend when he co-starred in the Underworld movies but hasn’t really hit it big as a romantic lead in all these years. But we think you can manage. Felicity did. And so, we assume, does Rachel’s character. Here’s a gallery to help you decide (or make it harder). Voting ends Friday at 2 p.m. ET.

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