M.I.A. And Her Babydaddy Fiance Break Up


M.I.A.’s stars aren’t bringing her much luck currently. Or she’s not making her own luck, depending how you see it. First, the singer decided it would be OK to flip the bird at a camera during the halftime show at the Super Bowl. The backlash has been swift and acerbic, and she might even be responsible for any FCC fines imposed on NBC. So while her professional life is under some major scrutiny, it turns out that her personal life is as well. M.I.A. and her billionaire babydaddy fiance of a very long time, Benjamin Bronfman, have split up. We don’t use the term “billionaire” lightly as if it’s a Bruno Mars song. The dude really is the heir to a $2.5 billion Seagrams fortune. Sadly, M.I.A. — real name: Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam— and Benjamin also have a son, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman, together. He’ll be 3 this Saturday.

There are a couple of different stories doing the rounds as to why they’ve broken up. Some sources say it’s because she spends most of her time in London and Benjamin is left to do all the parenting, with his mother, philanthropist Sherry Bronfman, helping with her grandson. Another source alleges that M.I.A. “sometimes goes six weeks without seeing” Ikhyd. This just is a sad business all around. We hope that their baby boy doesn’t get dragged into this at all.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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