Miley Cyrus Is Actually A Mastermind: Plays Us With Good Girl-Bad Girl Steez


We’ve come to the conclusion that Miley Cyrus is some sort of media mastermind. She’s created this cat-and-mouse game with us that has thoroughly hooked. It’s kind of the same theory as good cop-bad cop. Only with her, it’s good girl-bad girl. For instance, look at our last couple of stories with her. She looked absolutely swell and so classy at People’s Choice Awards, making it to our best-dressed list. Then, she promptly gets a totally NSFor anything, and not just Work — penis cake for boyfriend Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. Just as we’re absorbing that, bam, adorably awkward Cyrus family photographs. Do you sense a pattern here?

Just yesterday, we posted photographs from Miley’s Twitter account of her way cute puppies! But of course, she didn’t even give us enough time to settle into cooing over them. Because today, she appeared outside a Bed, Bath and Beyond in an outfit that not only showed off her admittedly fab legs, but made us believe they were encased in thigh-highs and a garter belt. On closer inspection, she’s wearing full-length tights, but that’s the genius of it. Miley just wants you to think she’s wearing the more risque style, so when we all raise our voices and scream “inappropriate” she can turn around and play the innocent card. We’re on to you, Miley!

[Photos: Splash News Online]

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