Is Halle Berry Officially Engaged…And Dealing With Death Threats?


Congratulations, Halle Berry! Also, we are so very sorry! According to TMZ, this must be one confusing time for the Dark Tide star. While Halle is allegedly officially betrothed to gentleman friend Olivier Martinez a month after engagement rumors first popped up, the actress also allegedly received death threats from a named Robert Hoskins. Berry allegedly feels so threatened by Hoskins that she is hoping to move with daughter Nahla Ariela to Martinez’s native France. Is there a card for complicated situations like this?  You know what? Nevermind. We’ll just get one that’s blank on the inside.

Sadly this isn’t the first time Halle has had to deal with aggressive stalkers; last July Berry had to filed a restraining order against a man named Richard Franco after he broke into her home..twice. Seeing as how Hoskins is the very same man who was shot by Madonna‘s bodyguards while attempting to break into the singer’s home in 1995, we’d say Halle has every right to be terrified. Why do stalkers have to ruin every engagement? Or even one of them?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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