Pizza Hut Offers $10,000 “Proposal And Dinner Box” Valentine’s Day Special


Are you planning to propose next week on Valentine’s Day, but just haven’t found the right way to incorporate your love of Pizza Hut into your pledge of eternal loving commitment? YOU ARE IN LUCK, Sir or Madam!

Pizza Hut is currently offering a “Tie The Knot With The Dinner Box” package, where customers can purchase a ruby ring and an evening of elegance AND a $10 Dinner Box (also elegant) for the slightly-steep-for-Huts-that-serve-pizza cost of $10,010:

For $10,010, Customers Get: A Red Ruby Ring, Limo Service, Flowers, Fireworks Show, Videographer, Photographer, and a $10 Dinner Box. Other than the ring being made of ruby instead of being made of another dinner box, I see absolutely nothing wrong with this offer, and may in fact take them up on it and finally plan that proposal to myself (I like having leftovers).

(via Eater)

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