Scott Speedman Doesn’t Think He Has A Fair Shot Against Channing Tatum


In all the months we’ve been doing weekly Hotness polls, we’ve never had the (embarrassing) honor of actually talking to one of its subjects while voting was under way. Until now. Scott Speedman stopped by VH1 to promote his role as the anti-Channing Tatum, as Rachel McAdams’ ex-fiance, in The Vow. That movie’s love triangle, he said isn’t quite as fair as the one that made him famous: the fight against Noel for Felicity.

“I feel like the Felicity one was more balanced,” he said. “There was more screen time for all in that one. This one [in The Vow] is more skewed one way.”

So, who does he think would win in a real-life love triangle?

“Oh man, I guess it depends on the girl,” he said. “I don’t know, he’s doing really well right now, so probably that guy. Probably Channing Tatum would win that one!”

And with that opening, we broached the subject of our little poll. “I don’t know if that’s a fair fight!” he complained modestly. We don’t think he should be too worried. Some of us feel like he’ll always be our Ben. Ahem. Here’s the poll again, for your voting convenience.

[Photos by Colin Gray]

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