Ann Coulter Calls Obama “Flavor Flav” Because He’s Always Wearing That Giant Clock And Viking Helmet


I usually try to steer clear of blatantly inflammatory link-bating things – notice how long I’ve gone without mentioning PETA or the Westboro Baptist Church! (I have a “Days Without Mentioning Them” counter in my office and a personal sponsor helping me through) – but the following video is very very stupid and also peripherally VH1-related, so we can just take a quick gander.

Here’s Ann Coulter speaking to a CPAC audience about Barack Obama and comparing him to Flavor Flav, the rapper and VH1 celebreality star who shares countless things in common with our current president. I’m not even sure this comment qualifies as ‘racist’ so much as just, ‘what the f**k are you talking about-cist’ (the Flav-drop happens at the 0:43 mark):

(via Unicorn Booty)

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