How Does Taylor Swift’s “Safe & Sound” Video Fit Into Hunger Games?


We totally get what Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars are going for in the “Safe & Sound” video that premiered on MTV and VH1 tonight. The song is the first single off the Hunger Games soundtrack, and its mournful, folk-country sound, produced by T-Bone Burnett, perfectly evokes District 12, which we assume was once West Virginia. There’s even coal smoke rising in the distance. But avid Hunger Games fans will easily realize one thing: Taylor Swift, while appearing to be the protagonist of her own film, is certainly no Katniss Everdeen.

Hear us out: In the video, Taylor wanders around the woods, barefoot, in a simple but pretty white dress, hugging her body and singing. Do you know who never sang after her father died? Katniss. And she knew the value of good shoes, too. She wouldn’t risk maybe stepping on some glass (or the rusty nails Taylor later steps around) and cutting her foot, which would leave her unable to hunt to feet her mom and Prim. Taylor also lies around on the ground and sits on a coffin — acting a lot like Katniss and Prim’s depressed mother. And toward the end of the video is the ultimate non-Katniss moment: She looks straight at a deer and doesn’t try to kill and eat it. Oh, man, that would piss off Gale!

What if Taylor’s Madge, the mayor’s daughter, who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin in the book but who has been apparently left out of the movie? Madge would have the leisure time to walk aimlessly through the woods. OR she’s Katniss long after the end of Mockingjay, when … Oh, just kidding everyone. It’s a very pretty, haunting video for a pretty, haunting song. The Civil Wars seem like awesome old-timey ghosts who are good at music. And also it’s pretty freaky when the deer turns to ash or coal dust. And WHY ISN’T IT MARCH 23 YET WE ARE LOSING OUR MINDS?

/Crazy off

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