Jennifer Aniston And Paul Rudd Are Our New Fantasy Couple On The Cover Of GQ


Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd seem like such a natural fit, we’re surprised no one has started any salacious rumors about them. So don’t mind if we do! We’re kidding, of course; Paul has been happily married to wife Julie Yaeger since 2003. Damn you, Julie Yaegeeeer! Oh, sorry. What we meant to say was, in an alternate universe of our own making, Aniston and Rudd are posing shirtless together on a nightly basis, just as they did for this month’s GQ cover.

Despite the sexiness of their Terry Richardson photo shoot for the mag, there is so little going on between the Wanderlust co-stars that Jen and Paul can discuss having intimacies on the big screen with the same salaciousness most people reserve for flossing their teeth. “Nah. I’ve kissed him for years,” Jen tells their interviewer. Jokes Paul, “We’ve made out for decades.” If. Only. And just in case you were holding out hope for a few scandalous secrets between Jen and her manfriend Justin Theroux…you will be disappointed yet again. “I’m not having triplets. Not having twins. Nor am I having one baby,” Jen explains, even lifting her shirt to prove her stomach remains bumpless. “I did not elope.” Ah well, maybe in that alternate universe then. Or if Julie Yaeger is ever out of the picture. Hey, we said if!

[Photo: GQ]

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