Sad French Bulldog Cries Listening To “Someone Like You”


Hot on the hooves of our 50 Loneliest Animals on Valentine’s Day list comes this video, which in a way, sums up many a Valentine’s Day.

It’s simple really: A french bulldog stands in front of a full-length mirror while Adele’s “Someone Like You” plays somberly in the background. He stares, and listens, and thinks of things that could have been and never were. That bitch in the dog park. Or that bitch who sniffed his ass and didn’t even blink. So many bitches who have broken his heart. It’s nearly unbearable.

And then. Then he cries. The first :20 seconds are burned into my brain. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Update: This dog’s name is Rocco, and belongs to New York writer Nicole Alesi, who reports that this post has made his day. Hope this gets him out of his funk.

(Thanks Lauren Greenberg!)

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