Selena Gomez Shows Off “J” Ring: Why It’s Not What You Think


Over the weekend, Selena Gomez posted an Instagram photo of a hand wearing what looks like a diamond-studded “J” ring and being held by another hand — obvs we think it’s Justin Bieber holding her hand and the sparkly thing he bought her for Valentine’s Day. Her caption says, “I’m finally home : )”

And of course, people instantly wanted to know if the ring is some kind of promise ring, or … an engagement ring? Relax, people. It’s a difficult angle to tell for sure, but the ring is either on her right hand or on the middle finger of her left hand. And also, it’s a freaking J. We know they’re young, but we really don’t think they’d get engaged with an initial like that. But! It is a sweet gift for V-Day, and also we assume she means “home” literally, not in that mushy “Justin Bieber is my home” way, because she played her last tour date on Saturday. Now, she wrote in Facebook, she’s going to be taking a break from performing with her band the Scene and instead concentrate on her acting.

And in case you didn’t get enough celebrity romance yesterday, here, again, is a gallery of adorable famous couples being adorable.

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[Photos: Splash News Online, Instagram]

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