Pong Beer: The First Beer Intentionally Made Crappy Enough For Beer Pong


Listen up, college kids, pong-loving manchildren/tweens, and people who live in Hoboken: Are you tired of playing beer pong with beer that’s way too fancy and isn’t equipped to handle the added flavor of pongball-traveled floor dust, and also doesn’t come with free ping pong balls?

Then get a load of PONG BEER, the first beer specifically designed for beer pong, in that it says “Pong” on the can and is probably just so horrible:

According to the website, it’s already available in Kentucky, New York, New Jersey, Florida and other states where there’s probably Universities. Their product pitch – a 30-pack comes with two pong balls for the low, low price of free. Better yet, two 30 packs comes with a “reload” (16 oz. party cups and 4 balls in one super convenient package).

Buy three 30 packs and it comes with a Sublime CD wrapped in the Pink Floyd girls’ butts poster that constantly yells “I’m Rick James, bitch!”

Still, I’m on board, if only because of the the “Let’s Play” slogan on the can. What current college student doesn’t love the trailer for 1995’s Desperado?

(via Consumerist)

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