Seth Rogen Gave His Oscar Vote To Ghost Protocol; What Else Got Snubbed?


Take that, Hugo! Not this year, The Descendants! If Seth Rogen could have his way, it would be Tom Cruise bounding up those steps to accept a Best Picture award at the Oscars this year. Or, well, we guess the producers are technically the ones who accept the award … the point is, Ghost Protocol was a great film! “I honestly thought that Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol was one of the best movies of the year,” the 50/50 actor admitted to The Huffington Post while promoting his hosting gig at the Independent Spirit Awards next Saturday. “It got no love from the awards whatsoever. I loved that f—ing movie. It was great … I’m an Oscar voter. I voted for it.” We couldn’t agree more; remember when Cruise is clinging to the side of the skyscraper? Ah-mazing. Which got us thinking: Which movies and actors were unjustly left out of the running merely because they didn’t feature a war horse or Jonah Hill? Our Oscar votes would definitely go to:

  • Bridesmaids for Best Picture: It’s sort of a cliche that comedies never get nominated, and Bridesmaids was truly a standout comedy. And wouldn’t it have been great to see Billy Crystal sing a little number about that sink scene? Yes, it would have.
  • Paul Feig for Best Director, Bridesmaids: See above and/or the sink scene.
  • Ewan McGregor for Best Actor, Beginners: Christopher Plummer snatched up a Best Supporting Actor nom for this weepy family movie, but it took two amazing actors to make us cry that much. Why did we go see it on Father’s Day? Why?
  • Charlize Theron for Best Actress and Patton Oswalt for Best Supporting Actor, Young Adult: We’d like to place one vote for every time we believed Charlize was actually a loser and one for every time Patton Oswalt tore our hearts out of our chests. Which would be…all the votes! Patton was right to throw that Oscar snub party
  • Ryan Gosling for Best Actor, Drive: The. Jacket. Alone.
  • Liam Neeson for Best Actor, The Grey: Okay, we know came out in January and as such won’t be eligible until next year. But you know they are going to forget how amazing it is! It’s Liam Neeson! Battling wolves! Just think about it!

What 2011 movies and performances do you think should have been nominated this year?

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