Watch Out, Nicki Minaj, We Spy A Barbie Trend!


We all know Nicki Minaj prides herself on her exaggerated style — and we’re not sure which came first, the Barbie nickname or her love of wearing Malibu Barbie pink clothing. So it wasn’t too surprising to see her pink and electic blue ensemble at last night’s MAC Viva Glam event. What was surprising, however, was to see a photo of Michelle Williams in a Christian Dior gown that was a very Barbie (or Barbz, for that matter) shade of pink at the Paris premiere of My Week With Marilyn. Three’s a trend, the saying goes, so we’re counting the news that Mattel is releasing 11-inch dolls modeled after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in April, to celebrate William and Kate’s first anniversary. Now, doesn’t that make it seem like, for one day at least, everyone was feeling a little nostalgic for their tiny plastic Corvette and miniature high heels and that dream house with the elevator that only one Barbie at a time could ride? Oh, and there were horses and dogs too, and a costume for every career in existence. Damn, Barbie had it all, didn’t she?

Woah. Sorry, for that tangent. Anyway, we’d like to pose this important question to you:

[Photos: Splash News Online, Getty Images]

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