What A Wonderfully Creepy Louis Armstrong Doll


Man, is there anything better on the internet than when a kids’ toy breaks or runs out of batteries and for a brief period the toy turns REALLY DEMONIC and someone films it and puts it on Youtube?

Probably some things are better than that, I guess. Email. Google. But that’s it, just those two things. It goes 1) Google, 2) Email, 3) Videos Of Broken Toys That Sound Possessed. That is your official Ryan Seacrest Casey’s Internet Countdown.

Today’s video is called “Creepy Louis Armstrong Singing Doll – Low Battery”. You know what’s coming, but it’s still really funny and very creepy:

DONE. There’s Paranormal Activity 5. Move on to 6.

After the jump, check out my favorite “Demonic Toy Video” (and honestly maybe my favorite Youtube video of all-time), The Possessed Demon Singing Fish:

(Louie via Videogum)

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