Bret Michaels Poses With Big Furry Sloth While Flashing Devil Horns


2012 has already been a banner year for sloths, with the Baby Sloths Bathing Video, Kristen Bell’s Ellen Freakout, and the must-see Ultimate Sloth GIF Wall, but this week, Poison frontman and former VH1 sole-breadwinner Bret Michaels joined in the exslothvaganza with this jealousy-inspiring photo of him and Harry The Sloth:

For the record, the 1 “ROCK” point scored by those devil horns is negated by the -800 “ROCK” points for holding a sloth at Busch Gardens while flashing said devil horns. I’m probably just jealous, but also concerned that after a few more photos like this, sloths might start very slowly crawling over the shark. Good thing it takes them months to get anywhere.

(via Holy Cuteness)