Lindsay Lohan’s 5 Funniest Moments (Not Counting Her New SNL Hosting Gig)


Lindsay Lohan‘s SNL hosting gig is in the news today, but before you roll your eyes and sigh like you always do, might we remind you that Lindsay Lohan is actually really, really funny? Okay, sometimes it’s unintentional, but for the most part it’s on purpose! “SNL! I love NBC!!!!!!!!!!!!,” Lilo tweeted on Saturday after it was announced she would be hitting the 30 Rock stage March 3, along with musical guest Jack White. To get you psyched up for Lindsay’s return to comedic greatness (and for a much needed break between her nip slip photos, courtesy of Terry Richardson), our top 5 funniest Lindsay Lohan moments include:

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1)The original Debbie Downer sketch It’s official: Rachel Dratch’s dour SNL character would have been hilarious as is when she debuted on May 1, 2004, but Lindsay’s outraged disgust and uncontrollable giggle fit made this sketch memorable. Debbie Downer 4 Lyfe!

2) Mean Girls We’ll admit, Lindsay was the straight man in this 2005 teen classic. But every great comedy needs a straight man! Without Lindsay, would Glen Coco still go? We doubt it. Plus, Lohan did agree to appear toppling headfirst into a garbage can. Comedy. Gold.

3) Freaky Friday It’s hard to put a new twist on body switch movies, but for a moment in 2003, Lindsay Lohan basically was Jamie Lee Curtis. We should all be so lucky.

4) Ugly Betty Back in 2008, Lindsay guest-starred on four episodes as Betty’s high school rival Kimmie Keegan. Cut to her deep-frying Betty’s purse in a fry machine. The fact Lohan hasn’t played more mean girls is a shame.

5) Lindsay’s F.U. nails Lindsay claimed her obscene manicure was not intended for the judge or opposing counsel when she was in court in 2010 over probation violations. Which means she just had that manicure because she liked it. And that is…hilarious.

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