Is Sacha Baron Cohen Really Banned From The Oscars Over A Dictator Stunt?


Oscars season wouldn’t be Oscars season without a little irreverence; who didn’t love it when South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone cross-dressed for the 2000 Oscars? No one. According to Deadline, however, the Academy has pulled Sacha Baron Cohen‘s Oscars tickets, effectively banning him from the event, after rumors suggested that the Hugo star planned to walk the red carpet as his character from the upcoming film The Dictator. What, is the Academy afraid Cohen will ruin the dignified tone of the event? You guys know you’re letting the Muppets present, right? They are just people’s hands! Covered with really intricate gloves!

If they really want to ban a character from Sunday’s proceedings, might we recommend Mike Myers‘ deeply off-putting Cecil Worthington, an etiquette coach who terrorizes Kevin Kline with fun-sized Snickers and us with that comb over in today’s new Funny or Die Oscar promo? Seems like a double standard to embrace some freaks and not the others! Unless the Academy is concerned about dealing with camel poop, in which case…they are probably in the right.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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