Pixar’s Brave Completely Rips Off Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves


Pixar just released a new extended teaser for the movie Brave which features two uninterrupted minutes of footage from the final film. In the clip, three male suitors vie for the main character’s heart in an archery contest, then the maiden herself shows off her own archery skills to the shock and dismay of her parents.

The only thing is, the big climactic moment of the Brave scene is COMPLETELY IDENTICAL to one of many stupid parts from the 1991 Kevin Costner epic Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.

Here’s the Brave teaser, queued up to the big moment:

And here’s the EXACT SAME SCENE in Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves:

Really? Two separate “So good at archery, they split another arrow down the middle” scenes? Including a shot from the arrow’s point of view? I hope the similarities end there – I’ll be very upset if the Brave closing credits are set to Bryan Adams singing “Everything I Do, I Do It For Brave”.

A quick Googling shows that I’m not the only one who noticed this. Fortunately, Pixar has stored up more than enough credibility for me to reserve any judgments until actually seeing the film (remember when the WALL-E trailers came out and we all made Short Circuit jokes then saw WALL-E and were like “Whoops, actually one of the best movies ever made!”), but this part, at least, seems uncharacteristically cheesy.

Also, that’s exactly the dad from How To Train Your Dragon. And also, why is the third bullseye more dramatic than the first two instant bullseyes that she hits? GAH! Reserving judgement… C’mon, Pixar, please prove me wrong…

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