The Top 10 Most Awkward Oscar Moments Of 2012


Tonight, the 2012 Oscars rewarded the talented, entertained the masses and reminded us all about the impeachable hotness of Jennifer Lopez. Seriously. Yikes. They also made us wince with humiliation on more than one occasion. In fact, our top 10 most embarrassing moments were…

10) Bradley Cooper‘s mustache: Bradley was looking a little like a male stripper this evening. Not that that’s the worst way for him to look…
9) Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz’s booty shot: “Just take a chance!” Cammie laughed as she and JLo turned their bums to the audience during their Best Makeup presentation. We get it, ladies. There’s not a chance we weren’t going to love your butts.
8 ) Cirque de Soleil dancer biffs it hard: One unfortunate performer bit it during the troupe’s acrobatic dance performance. Unless his fall was intentional? You can never tell with those French Canadians…
7) Billy Crystal ripping on Christopher Plummer’s age: Crystal snarked that the 82-year-old Best Supporting Actor winner might “wander off” the stage. You know, ’cause he’s old!
6) That weird buzzing feedback: It was like someone’s phone was going off in the third row. For three hours.

5) Popcorn ushers: Who were those ladies dressed as Pan Am stewardesses handing out snacks during the show? As if anyone there could eat carbs. We would have heard Spanx exploding throughout the theater.
4) All the self-congratulatory montages reminding us how much we like movies: We get it! We’ll get off our couches and shut off Netflix! Once in a while!
3) Sandra Bullock 4 Lyfe: They cut to Bullock during Meryl Streep‘s speech, during the Foreign Language Oscar presentation, pretty much everytime there was even a second of downtime… Sandra looked pretty unfazed, though.
2) Billy Crystal’s The Help joke: “After I saw that movie, I wanted to hug the first black woman I saw,” Crystal cracked immediately after Octavia Spencer‘s Best Supporting Actress win. “Which from Beverly Hills is about a 45 minute drive.” Woof.
1) Jonah Hill weight jokes: As we mentioned previously, Billy Crystal’s opening number went after the Moneyball star’s weight with the lines “Jonah Hill used to have more to his middle” and “They’re serving cupcakes after the show.” Then Jonah lost the Best Supporting Actor Oscar. Awk-ward!

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