Amanda Seyfried Loves Scaring The Crap Out Of Us


A couple of weeks ago I attended a screening of Amanda Seyfried’s new film Gone. Well “attended,” is putting it nicely – I was curled up in a terrified ball chewing on my fingers alongside my more composed and cool peers. Gone is SCA-RY. Like, there is a murderer chasing you in the woods and tormenting you with psychological warfare and no one but your sister believes you and suddenly she’s gone missing, scary.

See why I was freaked out?

The movie even gave me nightmares, so when I got the chance to discuss it with Amanda I had to ask her if she takes any particular enjoyment from scaring the sh*t out of viewers. Turns out, she LOVES it.

SEYFRIEDDDDD! [shakes fist in both frustration and admiration.]

Check out our interview with the star above and catch Gone in theaters now.

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