Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. Spot Joins The Questionable History Of Smutty Food Ads


Is it hot in here, or is that just the steam coming off all this cheesy beef? Kate Upton‘s Carl’s Jr. add is here, and we are wondering how anyone in that drive-in theater can pay attention to the movie. The Sports Illustrated model must eat her meals in the privacy of her own home, or else risk getting arrested for public indecency. Having Upton do everything but make love to a patty melt in a parked car isn’t the first time Carl’s Jr. has gotten raunchy to sell a burger, however. And they’re not the only ones! Take a look at sexy food ads from Burger King, Hardees, PETA and Guinness and see if you can remember what product they are selling by the end of it. For those of you who enjoy a boner with your burger, enjoy! (Or lady boner; TheFABlife does not discriminate!)

Paris Hilton‘s sudsy Carl’s Jr. commercial started the trend…

Which Kim Kardashian continued with a particularly drippy salad…

While Audrina Patridge claimed to eat burgers, despite the evidence to the contrary (i.e. her washboard abs).

This Burger King ad ran in Thailand in 2009, where we’re assuming it was greeted with the universal expression for “What? Oh, come on. No.”

PETA’s 2009 commercial allegedly got banned from the Super Bowl because of all the smoky human-on-plant canoodling. Does this make you want to bust out a platter of crudite?

BabyCarrots.com riffs on the overly-sexy food ad trend in this clever spot…which still manages to feature a gorgeous woman rubbing baby carrots on her naked flesh. We see what you did there, BabyCarrots.com!

Finally, something for the teenage boys out there! In this commercial, Hardee’s crowdsourced for a few alternative names for their new snack item Biscuit Holes. Things just get dirtier from there…

“Not doing that again,” an Quizno’s employee tells a sultry anthropomorphic oven in this 2009 ad. “It burned.” Luckily the ovenĀ  is just craving one of the restaurant’s Toasty Torpedos, rather than some hot human-on-appliance lovemaking. Which apparently goes on with some regularity at Quizno’s. Yum!

Finally something (NSFW) for the ladies from Guinness! Well, a very select group of ladies…with a lot of stamina…and a taste for adventure. Okay, and also for dudes.


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