Davy Jones, Best Remembered As Marcia Brady’s Prom Date, Passes Away At 66


Singer Davy Jones has passed away at only 66 years old today, from causes as yet unknown. Most people of a certain age remember Davy as the dreamiest member and lead singer of the 1960s Brit Pop band The Monkees.

Now I love The Monkees — though perhaps not as much as Marge Simpson. However when I hear Davy Jones, I can only think of one thing: His unforgettable cameo as Marcia Brady’s prom date on The Brady Bunch. Ah yes, every girl’s fantasy: To have their high school idol ask them out to prom. (Sadly, Bob Balaban never called.) Ah, that hair, those eyes… Marcia was a lucky girl. She probably still hasn’t washed her cheek from that day he kissed her.

We bring you two beloved clips from his appearance on The Brady Bunch below. Here’s to hoping we all see Davy on the flip side.

Ahead, Davy sings the song “Girl” and we all just spend the rest of the day swooning.

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