Everyone’s Freaking Out Over Lindsay Lohan’s Face In Her SNL Promos


Lindsay Lohan is really taking it on the chin over her SNL promos, isn’t she? We would normally follow up that statement with a plastic surgery joke, except everyone on the planet has already done that for us. Look, we rip on Lilo as much as the next everybody, but all the concentrated face-centric Lohan bashing we saw today made us want to sit alone in a dark room and think about our lives. Since a lonely, darkened room is where we blog from anyway, we instead snapped out of it and collected the most vicious Lindsay Lohan SNL promo headlines we could find. For example, says Us Weekly:

Hoo boy. There’s also…

“Watch Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Promos It’s good to see Victoria Gotti getting work!”- Vulture

“Lindsay Lohan Somehow Moves Her Face In SNL Promos” – DListed

“Lindsay Lohan shows off her puffy ‘pillow face’… and vows she is ready for her close-up” – The Daily Mail

“Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Promo Has Us Wondering What She’s Done to Her Face” – CelebGossip.com

In our opinion, Lindsay looks exactly the same as she has for the last…ever. The only difference is the return of Lohan’s infamous dirt blush, which girl rocked in court this past fall. And if Lindsay really is living in the SNL duct system like she claims in her promo, then doesn’t that explain why she might be using duct residue to define her cheekbones? Glad to get that straightened out. Now let’s all move on before we have to discuss Lohan’s bangs, because we just do not have the energy.

[Photo: NBC/Getty Images]

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