Snooki’s Pregnancy: Proof This Will Be Great For TV


So, the New York Post is reporting that Snooki is indeed pregnant after all, but has been hiding it because “MTV went into crisis mode after they found out. … They’re trying to hide it because it would greatly affect the creative direction of the show.”

Now, although we are part of the MTV family, we have no inside knowledge of this situation (sorry). But we do think that it would be pretty damn silly for producers to be worried that a baby would cramp Snooki’s style. We can’t think of a better way to spice up the Jersey Shore or her spinoff with JWoww. As Hollywood well knows, pregnancy is HI-larious. And watching Snooki pout while everyone else around her gets to party would make for great viewing too.

Come to think of it, we think Mama Snooks could have easily been toting around a mini-mini-me all throughout the storied history of Jersey Shore and they wouldn’t have lost a second of entertainment. See for yourself.

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