Hank The Cat Runs For Senate Because Washington Needs A Meowtsider!


Here’s the first campaign ad for Hank, a current longshot candidate running for U.S. senate in the state of Virginia against Republican human George Allen and Democratic human Tim Kane.

Oh yeah, did I mention… HE’S A CAT? Ah, I did in the title and photo. But he is.

Watch Hank’s first campaign ad below. I’m still a little skeptical about his ability to lead (especially given the problems with cat congress in the past), but I do support his purricies, and this ad contains about as much specific content as any other political ad:

Hm. I was planning on voting for Kelsey Grammer’s Hank as a write-in candidate, but this cat’s ideas are intriguing to me. If that baby at :17 is convinced, then dangit, so am I.

(via Dlisted)

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