Wiz Khalifa Tweets Amber Rose’s Engagement Ring: “She Said Yes!!!”


Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have been batting away engagement rumors from the first time they groped each other’s butts on the red carpet until today. Now that the rapper and his lady friend are ready to lock it down for realsies though, they wanted the whole world to know about their love. And about the enormous rock Wiz gave his bride-to-be. “She Said Yes!!!” Khalifa tweeted this afternoon, along with a photo of Amber’s fabulous manicured (and extremely heavy) hand. Seeing as both both Amber and Wiz have tattoos of each other’s names, a ring just seems like a formality. A beautiful, beautiful formality.

[Photos: Getty Images/Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter]

Of course, it wasn’t just fans who were wondering when Wiz was going to take their relationship of over a year to the next level. “I’m getting pressured. It’s like the fourth quarter, man. It’s getting close,” Khalifa joked at the Grammys last month. “But everyone is going to love it when it does happen.” Gushed Amber, “He can wrap a little piece of paper around my finger, it doesn’t matter.” Wiz agreed, explaining, “It’s going to be a beautiful lifetime.” Ugh, you two! Come on! Don’t you know how embarrassing it is for us to get misty-eyed over a TwitPic?!?! A stranger’s TwitPic?”

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