New Hunger Games Clip: Katniss Puts The Odds In Her Favor


After so many Hunger Games trailers and TV spots that have just given us glimpses of the same handful of scenes, Lionsgate has at last given us a peek at a new one — one of my favorites. It’s when Katniss presents her skills to the Gamemakers, who will give her a score designed to entice or deter sponsors for the tributes going into the games. Here’s how Suzanne Collins describes it:

“It’s excellent shooting. I turn to the Gamemakers. A few are nodding in approval, but the majority of them are fixated on a roast pig that has just arrived at their banquet table. … Suddenly I am furious, that with my life on the line, they don’t even have the decency to pay attention to me. That I’m being upstaged by a dead pig.”

Sure, Katniss often conflicted and insecure when it comes to her interviews and her later confrontations in the arena, but with a bow and arrow in hand, in the face of Seneca Crane (Wes Bentley) and his silly Capitol colleagues, the girl is formidable. And we love seeing this come to life for the movie. Jennifer Lawrence is really ticked off in the photo above, after her perfect shooting is ignored. We like how the Gamemakers’ cheerful chatter contrasts with her situation — it’s more insulting than we even imagined. “Hey, hey, who ordered this pig?” Seneca jokingly comments.

The book goes on: “My heart starts to pound, I can feel my face burning. Without thinking, I pull an arrow from my quiver and send it straight at the Gamemakers’ table. I hear shouts of alarm as people stumble back. The arrow skewers the apple in the pig’s mouth and pins it to the wall behind it.”

Oh, yeah! And now we have the answer to what causes Seneca to make that crazy-eye look we’ve seen in the trailers.

“Everyone stares at me in disbelief,” Katniss says in the book. And as this is a sneak peek, we’re happy it ends with Seneca’s reaction, rather than with Katniss’ retreat and immediate remorse over her impulsive action, which she’s sure has cost her the game before it even begins.

” ‘Thank you for your consideration,’ I say. Then I give a slight bow and walk straight toward the exit without being dismissed.”

Just. Wow.

Hunger Games World Is “Brilliantly Realized” In Movie, Suzanne Collins Says

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