Taylor Kitsch’s 20 Hottest Looks: The Hardest List To Narrow Down


Is there a plot to John Carter? Probably. Is it what will ultimately draw many of us to the theater next weekend? Probably not. I mean, it’s probably got some good qualities, being based on an Edgar Rice Burroughs series, with all sorts of cool themes about underdogs and oppression. But let’s be realistic. They put Taylor Kitsch in that very impractical nipple-baring breastplate/harness thing for a reason, and that reason is not character development. BUT! This is not to say that we completely objectify the man who will always be #33 for us. On Friday Night Lights, Kitsch won us over with his vulnerable performance as much as with that heartstopping smile. And we’re just waiting to see how his new career as an action star, which continues later this year with Battleship, will play out.

Even though he told MTV News that he feels awkward about being a heartthrob, we kind of couldn’t help putting together this little countdown of his 20 hottest looks. It was a tough job to do, but you’re welcome.

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