This Stop-Motion Animated Ninja Turtles Intro Is Very Pizza-Cowabunga


Is that how the term ‘cowabunga’ is used? I can’t remember, it’s been since like 9 am since I watched a Ninja Turtles cartoon. You know how your ninja-turtle gets rusty when you’re not around other native ninja turtle speakers? Anyway.

Here’s a video of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles opening sequence re-made with live-action, stop-motion animation, combining action figures and crazy background drawings for a thing that is both very cool and very on the internet. Plus the original cartoon had, like, two frames of animation per five minutes of screentime, so this is clearly an improvement:

Confession: To this day, every time I hear the Turtles theme I think back to my friend Bradley’s birthday party circa 1st Grade when hs dad put in a VHS of Ninja Turtles and I got excited cause I knew all the words to the theme song (including all the little extra voice parts – ‘he’s a radical rat,’ etc) and geared up to be the coolest by singing it, but then every single person there knew all the words too. From that day forward, I knew I was not special.

(Devour, via The High Definite)

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