Lindsay Lohan’s SNL Stint: How’d She Do?


Lindsay Lohan admitted to Matt Lauer on Thursday that she was counting on her Saturday Night Live hosting gig to begin proving to the world (movie producers) that she’s a trustworthy, still-promising actress who’s ready and willing to work again. Seems like a tall order for a show whose original cast was basically high the entire time they were on air and which has put some episodes in the hands of such capable hands as Charles Barkley.

So, how did she do? It’s kind of hard to tell — it seems like the writers didn’t really put all their faith in LiLo, since in most skits, she was relegated to the sidelines or the straight-man role. Her opening monologue provided the most self-aware laughs: She thanked the show for trusting her as Kenan Thompson and Kristen Wiig checked her sobriety, an alarm went off when she stepped off the stage, and Jimmy Fallon let slip that Jon Hamm was on standby as backup host if she screwed up. She also got big laughs in the “Scared Straight” skit, simply by being her ex-con self. That skit was mostly just funny because everyone, including Lindsay, screwed up their lines and struggled not to crack up after she sang “Every kiss begins with rape” and Jason Sudeikis picked his wedgie.

But mostly, Linds got just a line or two while the castmembers took center stage. She was decent as Rapunzel (one of the Real Housewives of Disney) psychic’s assistant, an illiterate radio show intern, the foxy leader of a gang of delinquent teen girls and Kristen Wiig’s would-be housesitter. But we would have loved to see her in a Digital Short or doing something on Weekend Update. She could have been a great guest on “What Up With That?”

But we don’t entirely blame SNL. If, as many suspect, this is Kristen Wiig’s last season on the show, we wholeheartedly support letting her dominate the entire hour and a half. If Lindsay really is on the up and up, she’ll have more opportunities like this soon. We just suggest she do a little more cue-card training before the next one. Anyway, what did you think?

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