There Are So, So Many Reasons To Cry At Dakota Fanning’s Now Is Good Trailer


If you’re a human with a heart that loves and eyes that see and a soul that loved Mandy Moore in 2002’s A Walk To Remember, then Dakota Fanning‘s new movie Now is Good, coming out in the U.K. on May 25, will almost certainly make you weep. In case you wanted to know what you were getting into, however, before you started choking back sobs, let us break down all elements in the film’s newly released-trailer that jerked the tears right out of our ducts! There are just so, so many:

  • A young person with leukemia.
  • Leukemia, in general.
  • The concept of a bucket list.
  • British accents.*
  • Parents who just don’t understand.
  • The Flaming Lips‘ “Do You Realize?” being played over a carefree motorcycle ride.
  • Horses just running free and easy.
  • The tender kisses of War Horse star Jeremy Irvine.
  • Jeremy Irvine reminding us of War Horse, which then made us cry about that movie. Why did we make all those horses go to war? Why?
  • Realizing that we will never, ever, in a million years look that good in a pixie cut. Never.*

*Indicates the sentimental moments that probably wouldn’t make Emma Watson feel one way or the other.

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