Is Snooki Engaged Now, Too?


Forgive us if we take this latest Snooki news (and my god, the headlines are relentless these days) with a grain of salt: People reports that “a source” has confirmed that Snooki and boyfriend Jionni LaValle are not only expecting their first child, but also getting married. If so, then congrats, of course.

In our heads, we’ve concocted an alternate view of this rumor: Jionni and Snooks concocted it themselves, just to get their families off their backs about having a baby out of wedlock. That’s how we’d do it, anyway. And then take our time about making the actual decision to get hitched or not. Call us cynical and/or romantic. The couple did break up for a time last year, so it’s not the best idea to rush into this. (Best ideas are what Snooki is really good at.)

And though we joked last week that a baby would make an excellent additional housemate for Jersey Shore and Snooki and JWoww’s Jersey City spinoff, we are skeptical about a marriage being good for the show. Actually, we are more skeptical about a show being good for their marriage. MTV doesn’t have a great track record for televised couples, you know.

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