Poor Mila Kunis Mourns Her Lack Of Dates, Tiny Butt In Bazaar


Mila Kunis: we love this woman like a fat kid loves cake. Cake that is also a beautiful lady who does voices for Family Guy. You know who doesn’t seems like they love Mila Kunis, though? Mila Kunis. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the Ted actress lamented how her Black Swan weight loss has permanently affected her body, which “has never been the same.” Sighs Mila, “My shape is different. When I got down to 95 pounds, I was muscles, like a little brick house, but skin and bones. When I gained it back, it went to completely different areas.” Shrugs Kunis, “I’d be happy if my ass got bigger. All the weight that left my chest went to my side hip, my stomach.” When she says “all the weight,” Mila’s measuring it in ounces, right? We’re just checking!

As if body image wasn’t enough, apparently Mila Kunis isn’t constantly going on dates. We repeat, Mila Kunis isn’t constantly going on dates. “I don’t get asked out,” Mila complains. “This past year, I haven’t been home, so who’s going to ask me?… I don’t go out very often. I prefer to stay home and have a nice little beverage and watch television.” Jokes Kuis, “My glass of wine and I are besties.” Oh girl, no. You’re starting to sound like…sound like…us! That is the last thing we want in a celebrity!

[Photo: Harper’s Bazaar/Getty Images]

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