Willow Smith Works Green Hair!


One of the many things that reminds us about just how old we’re getting, is how we struggle to keep up with 11-year-old Willow Smith’s continuing hair experiments. Do we even remember what we were doing when we were 11? Memory blank. Too far away. All we know is we probably weren’t shaving our hair off. We don’t remember coloring our hair green ever, either. We still haven’t! But that’s what makes Willow so cool. She’s just a kid, who looks fairly happy, experimenting with her look. And we happen to think her parents are pretty cool too. So if Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith think it’s A-OK for their daughter to shave her hair off, or (most recently) color her hair green, we aren’t going to say a word. Besides, when you take a look at Willow’s instagram page, you’ll see just how normal she looks, green hair included.

[Photos via Willow Smith’s Instagram Page]

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