Super Tuesday Surprise: 40 Celebs Who May Be Republican


Happy Super Tuesday, everybody! No, it’s not a VH1 programming block, or the lamest, most abstract superhero ever. It’s this years’ batch of Republican primaries! EXCITING! Ok, we know it’s not our usual beat, and  we know that Hollywood is seen as the most liberal, left-leaning town in all the land. But we’ve managed to compile a list of 40 celebrities who might be taking a long lunch break today to vote for their GOP favorites! (Or you know, since California and New York primaries are a long way off, maybe they’ll just be eating lunch.) The list features one or two usual suspects (Kirk Cameron of Crocoduck fame and NRA honcho Tom Selleck), but it’s jam super PAC’d (sorry) with other stars with surprisingly right leanings, at least according to the info we have (Adam Sandler? Vince Vaughn!? 50 CENT!?). We kid you not, America. Check out the gallery below for more celebs who are possibly seeing red!

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[Photo: Getty Images]