Ice Cube Considers Which Co-Star To Bust For Drugs First: Channing Tatum Or Jonah Hill?


In addition to keeping the proud tradition of “black angry captains” alive in his upcoming action-comedy 21 Jump Street, Ice Cube gushed to BMBL this morning about his costars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. “Jonah is incredibly smart and witty,” the rapper and actor raved. That being said, just because Ice considers himself the “teacher” to their “grasshoppers” doesn’t mean he wouldn’t immediately (and gleefully!) send both of them to the slammer if they were up to no good. Which, we mean, just look at them. You know they are.

“I would arrest Jonah first. ”Cause’s the sneaky one,” Ice Cube muses. “With Channing, it’s all out in the open; you know he’s going to have a joint or two in his pocket. But Jonah, he’ll trick you. You think he’s a nice guy; he’s got all the pills in pocket.” Yeah, seems about right. Oh, and in case you were still pondering the exact date on which Ice’s song “It Was A Good Day” took place, the answer is not January 20, 1992 as was calculated in the Tumblr-verse. “That day sucked for me,” Ice laughs, before explaining, “‘It Was A Good Day’ is an accumulation. It’s actually a fantasy of what I would like at that time as a good day.”

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