Kris Humphries Demands That Kim Kardashian Returns All Wedding Gifts, Stat!


Animal Planet shows don’t feature as much clawing as this situation has. The grand dismantling of Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s very brief nuptials is still high on drama. The latest boxing bout between them is over all the wedding swag they amassed. Kim is already donating $200,000 to the Dream Foundation, which is reportedly twice the worth of all her wedding gifts. Unfortunately, her charitable turn doesn’t sit well with her ex. Kris reckons that Kim has to return every single item to every gift-giver¬†as she has no right to keep any of the gifts at all.

Sources tell TMZ that while Kris thinks her giving to charity is great, it’s not enough, because their guests spent their money on those gifts and Kim keeping them is just unfair. What do you think FabFolk? What’s the correct etiquette here? We’re sure a lot of people spent a bomb on those gifts, so should they be given back to them? One of those people, by the way, is Jonathan Cheban, who happens to be Kim’s BFF. Apart from giving Kim a present, he also gave Kris a $5,000 certificate to YSL, which he’s never offered to return! Cheban says he was OK with them keeping their presents, but now thinks Kris is a complete hypocrite because he has not returned any given to him. That gift card ain’t coming back, honey! And as long as he’s keeping his wedding gifts, what right does he have to criticize Kim keeping hers?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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