This Dollar Shave Club Ad Is A Little TOO Viral


Here’s a new wacky commercial for Dollar Shave Club dot net, an ad that is currently “going viral” on the internet, as your boss’s grandmother would now say.

Everything about this ad is amusing and well-done, but I can’t help but feel the overwhelming sense that every aspect is so preplanned and intricately streamlined for maximum ‘viralness,’ it’s barely even a thing anymore. It’s basically a copy-of-a-copy of the Old Spice ads (which were already ripped off by Dairy Queen) mixed with the Ojai Taxidermy ‘self-aware badness’ into this 90 second marketing blob that perfectly hits every note of what a viral thing should be.

I give it two years before every commercial is this:

Certainly doesn’t look exactly like any Old Spice commercials I’ve ever seen! What do you think, Barenaked Ladies?

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