Watch This Local Commercial Completely Sh*t On Video Games


Here’s a local commercial for the Pittsburgh Energy Alliance, a reasonable-seeming initiative designed to promote awareness of energy-related career opportunities in Western Pennsylvania.

Their tactic: “Hey video game nerd, how ’bout you drop the CONTROLLER and the EXPERIENCE POINTS and the SAVE YOUR GAME MOUNTAIN DEW POKEMON NINTENDO and get a real job so you can earn real money and look at real vaginas, POINDEXTER?”

This commercial just pushed my face in the mud and walked away laughing with its arm around the cheerleader who secretly has a heart of gold and said “Leave him alone!” and I longingly glare after her, futilely wiping the mud from my shattered glasses…

Ouch. For the record, some of us do have jobs and also enjoy video games. (Granted, this is my job, but, well, I’m also mostly a competent human who is capable of having both a job and recreational interests.)

I want to see their follow-up commercial, “Hey f*ckface, how bout you drop that hoe and watering can and get out of your stupid HERB GARDEN to start earning some REAL GREEN…”

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