Ashton Kutcher Stops By Rumer Willis’s Concert, Is Just Making Things Awkward


We’ve never had a stepchild, so maybe we shouldn’t judge Ashton Kutcher‘s decision to stop by Rumer Willis‘s concert last night in Hollywood. Then again, we’ve never had our famous ex Demi Moore go to rehab following our divorce amid rumors of rampant infidelity either, and yet we still know it would be an awkward situation if we were to take photos and loudly cheer on her adult kid in public, just days after she returned to L.A. Of course, that’s exactly what the Two and a Half Men star went and did at Rumer’s Sayers Club Sessions performance on Tuesday. We seriously need some kind of etiquette column for this kind of situation. No, wait…we need to write some kind of etiquette column for this kind of situation. More over, Dear Abby! Get your face out of our face, Ann Landers!

While Demi’s daughter belted out four songs during her set, Kutcher allegedly whistled and even sang along. “It seemed really happy and loving – and like the two would be friendly,” a source told People. “No matter what.” Oh, we have plenty to say to you too, Rumer. So much it could fill a book. In fact, we did fill a book! It’s basically The Rules, except instead of dating, it’s about how to have Ashton Kutcher as your ex-stepdad. We only printed three copies because, you know, who else was going to read it?

[Photo: Getty Images]

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