FELLAS: Are You Man Enough For Mantyhose?


First there were Manx. Then there were Manties. Now prepare yourself for the latest incarnation of women-inspired menswear: Mantyhose or Brosery. Yes, it’s pantyhose for your mannnn.

Italian design Emilio Cavallini is giving men who come home early to prance around the house in their wife’s L’eggs a chance to combine their rugged masculinity with flattering control tops a new hope for the future. According to The Daily Mail, some of the rejected names for mantyhose include “guylons, he-tards, and beau-hose,” all pretty much horrendous.

But guys, admit it… even the jockiest among you are curious as to what you’d look like in a pair of bro-hose.

Perhaps no one more than this guy…


Best last sentence of any scene ever. OK fellas: Who is man enough for Scrights! (My name for scrotal tights.)