New Olivia Munn Nude Pic Theory: She Was Paid By Skitch!


Seriously, world, if as much effort would be put into improving renewable energy technology or feeding children in Africa as has been used to prove that the nude pics that leaked on Monday are actually of Olivia Munn, well … the world would be a very different place. (Wait, maybe Olivia Munn is a source of renewable energy? Try that one out, Science!) But the world is what it is, and the result is a number of fascinatingly detailed NSFW cases put forth on Egotastic, Gawker and WWTDD. While Munn herself denied that her phone was hacked, tweeting that if it were, people would find pics of fat babies and cats, her devoted (obsessed) fans are convinced otherwise. The Attack the Show host now just seems to want to change the subject, suggesting that we talk about the moon landing instead.

A quick recap of the evidence presented to us:
1) The pics look like Olivia, duh.
2) In one photo, she’s wearing the same bikini as she did in a 2010 Maxim shoot.
3) In another, headless shot, she’s wearing the same ring she’s been pictured with.
4) In two others, the rooms (which are pretty bland and featureless) look a little like the rooms in other twitpics she’s shared.
5) The leaked pics feature arrows and dirty captions (addressed to “Chris,” which we’re meant to assume is bf Chris Pine) written on them with Skitch, an app Olivia has used on her twitpics before. (That’s a legit one on the right, above.)

Number 5 is what concerns us today. More than renewable energy and world hunger solutions, the world really needed a better way to sext. And for our sexted pics to be more easily identified when they inevitably fall into the wrong hands. And to creepily make our sexts look like Perez Hilton posts. Actually, this entire scandal is waaay better advertising than Skitch’s cute video, which demonstrates the app as a great way to let other people choose your groceries for you. “Buy me that summer squash, honey, and then put your XXXX in my XXXXX here.”

Also, if we were Olivia, we’d be showing off our bodies all over the place, but only if we were PAID. Free looks only go to Chris Pine types, thank you. And kids, we suggest talking dirty on the phone … with your voices.

[Photos: Twitter]

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